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Claw Hammers

Claw Hammers, most often associated with woodworking, can be used for a multitude of jobs. Claw hammers feature two sides; the first is a solid face for driving nails into an object or hitting objects such as chisels or parts of a project into place, and the second is a split, fork-like tail for extracting nails or prying objects apart. Claw hammers come in a range of materials and can feature metal, wooden or rubber handgrips. Claw hammers come in a range of weights and sizes to suit both the user and the job at hand.

Hammers are one of the main tools within a work professional’s tool bag. They are simple yet effective, with a variety of uses ranging from demotion to shaping materials and attaching fastenings. Hammers are found in a variety of forms and styles across an extensive range of industries due to their simplicity and adaptability. We have categorised our range into four main groups: Ball Pein, Claw, Lump and Sledgehammers.