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Automatic Louvre Windows

Automatic Louvre Blind Vision Panels

Privacy Blinds and Office walls partitions.

All our Vision Panels are UK Made to standard or bespoke sizes. Ideal for use in hospitals as the blinds are behind the glass which is double glassed so no dust or bacteria and gather on the blind,

When the blinds are closed there is a 39-decibel drop in sound and have been tested FD 30 fire stranded so Ideal for the office and the home as well.

Innovative and simple to install with either mechanical Venetian style blinds or with Patented Solar Powered technology.

Flush fitting or supplied with a selection of trims, as well as lever & knob designs for the Visicom and Highline products.

Solar Powered Vision Panels

Vision panels that Wireless, with exceptional battery lifespan. The Touch Glass technology is ideal for Hospitals and Care Homes, where observation windows are needed or room privacy.

Solar Vue – Observation Vision Panels
Solar Blind – Automatic Louvre Blind Vision Panels

Mechanical Venetian Style Vision Panels

Visicom – Partially Obscured Vision Panels with Louvre
Highline – Venetian Blind

Please we note we do not supply the window frame just the window.

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